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wine decanter

wine decanterLe Chateau crafts the world’s most elegant and lasting wine decanters. Our hand-blown lead-free crystal adds radiance to any room while our perfectly engineered design enhances the purity, aroma, and taste of your favorite wine.

At Le Chateau, we achieve perfection through detailed R&D and relentless testing. Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers claiming that volumetric capacity matters. It doesn’t! What does, is how much breathable surface area one 750ML bottle of wine is exposed to in the carafe. Our coveted decanter is forged with an 8.5 in. wide bottom diameter, one of the largest you’ll find in today’s market, ensuring maximum oxygenation of your wine.

Elegantly designed, it’s as gorgeous as it is durable and functional. Trust us, your wine and your taste buds are in good hands!

wine decanter wine decanter wine decanter
Add radiance to any room with our modern yet elegantly designed carafe that will have you wanting to display it even when it’s not in use.
When an entire bottle of wine is poured into OUR decanter, the wine reaches the widest diameter on the decanter allowing for maximum aeration.
Avoid spills & drips effortlessly with our specially designed large slanted spout.

le chateau wine decanter

wine decanter wine decanter wine decanter
Effortlessly decant an entire bottle of your favorite wine. Simply uncork the bottle, pour its entire contents into the decanter, and enjoy.
Our decanter is as beautiful as it is effective in aerating your wine. This is one of the only wine accessories you can’t live without.
Give your wine the breathable surface area it needs and free it from the grasps of an air restricting bottle to truly experience its rich aroma and flavor.

wine decanter

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  1. First, let me say the product is perfect. It is designed perfectly for Red Wine and looks beautiful as well. I want to add a comment about the company. I received my package today and also an email from the company, Upper Echelon Products. They wanted to remind me of the lifetime warranty, make sure I was happy with the product and offer an Amazon discount on a second order. Great customer service!

  2. I was told that this would make a difference in the taste of red wines. It absolutely does! I have other aerators that do the job but I feel this decanter works best. It’s also nice to serve out of when entertaining! This would also make a great gift for a wine enthusiasts.

  3. Before buying this decanter, I did some research. There seem to be issues with some decanters of this shape, such as washing, drying, pouring, however, the Chateau Wine Decanter does not share any of those issues.What I liked about the decanter- it ls large, solid, lovely – does not need to be babied- it washed easily, just with soap and water- it dried beautifully within minutes (other decanters experience difficulty)- the mouth, although slanted, holds the wine funnel at a correct angle (I had wondered about that)- the size of the mouth is a perfect fit for the the size of the wine funnel – one does not need to hold the funnel while pouring- when serving, it poured out every last bit of liquid (other decanters experience difficulty)- it has a round hollow foot at the bottom (visible in picture), which will hold sediments beautifully- the width of the neck just above the bowl, is a bit larger than some other decanters, which allows more air for breathing, and also, helps in drying after washing.Suggestion: after washing, I placed a microfiber cloth into a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup, inverted the decanter and leaned it at an angle against a corner (make sure the measuring cup will not slide forward). After a few minutes, I gave the decanter a 180 turn (rotation in place), and allowed it to drip from the other half, as it were. In other words, first it rested on the shorter side of the mouth, and later on the taller side, on the spout, thus allowing both sides of the bowl to drip dry. After a total of about less than 10 minutes, the decanter was completely dry in the inside. I just had to wipe the mouth.Already ordered another one as a gift. The only imperfection is a small air bubble inside the glass, but I suppose these things happen. Short of hitting it, I do not believe that it will burst. If it will, I shall contact seller.

  4. We have been planning on buying a new decanter for years, since our last one broke. We finally ordered one while we were at a restaurant enjoying some wine and this is the one we chose. It is really so pretty and could be left out for decorative purposes if we didn’t have the wild dogs in the house.

  5. Really like this thing and use it for every bottle of red wine, unless I’ve had a few and forget. I can actually taste an improvement after using it. Easy to use, love to pour in the vino and watch it slosh around. Got the drying stand to go with it. Iid been using an aerator that you hold in one hand over the glass and use the other to pour, but like this a lot more.

  6. Product came way earlier than expected and in excellent condition. We LOVE this decanter! It’s extremely elegant and looks amazing on the table! We’ll have for years to come! Also loved the idea that this is a small family run business. When possible we always make a point of supporting the small business owner, will absolutely support them again and would love to see what else they have! Two thumbs up!

  7. I really love this decanter. It is not only beautiful, but it aerates the wine just beautifully. One 750ml fits perfectly into it, with the fill line at the largest area in the bottom. Leave the wine in for at least 30 minutes……it tastes so much better than not using it…..amazing. I also use a bottle top aerator to pour the wine into this. As the wine sits even longer (1-2 hours) it opens up even more. The glass is thick….and it is quite beautiful, like a vase. Recommend washing by hand. Buy a brush to help clean this…..it can be tough to get to the bottom. Highly recommend!…..Cheers!!

  8. I have purchased or seen other fancy wine decanters. Universally the greater the glassblowing artistry, the harder it is to clean them. These are so straightforward to clean and so functional at such a good price I wrote this review. I normally do not write any reviews. Others in our wine group were very interested in the aeration designed for a 750 ML bottle. The only thing I cannot review is their lifetime warranty. Frankly I hope to never provide a review on this benefit.Love them (bought two)Richard Oertle

  9. I love this decanter! Firstly, it was packaged safely in molded styrofoam, so it arrived intact and on time. Secondly, the decanter has become a focal point of our hosted dinners. It is pretty to look at and does its job in letting the wine breath. Amazon will suggest other items such as a decanter drying rack or cleaning brush, but they are not needed. Easily cleaned with soap and water and I use a regular bottle brush to swish away any spots needing attention, and easily dried in the dish rack (because of the shape, you will have to rotate once to ensure all of the water is out of the bottom).Great buy, and will consider for future gifts!

  10. The decanter was reasonably priced and has an elegant look but most importantly functions beautifully. The design of the decanter offers a maximum surface for the wine and it pours well. My wife has a much better sense of smell than me but I can definitely detect aromas throughout the house after the wine has been decanted.

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