5 Piece L’Grand Conundrum Sets

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Amazon.com | Final Touch 5 Piece Red Wine L’Grand Conundrum Decanter & Glass Set: Wine Decanters

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  1. Purchased it for a relative. They claim to love it. Sounds good to me.Before this purchase, I did not know wine needed to breathe. Well now I do!

  2. Stylish. The glasses fit so comfortably in your hand, really nice set. Gave this as a gift its prefect, light, helps bring out the flavour of the wine and goes in the dishwasher so simple

  3. Love this set. Since the glasses aerate too, I kinda stopped using the decanter (I only drink one glass a night) and just pour directly into the glass… and often rinse it out and use as water for later just because I like the feel of them, lol. They do seem delicate but I’ve had them (and washed them in the dishwasher) for a month or two now with regular use and no problems yet. Cheers!

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