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$60.95 | NUTRIUPS Wine Decanter Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal Wine Carafe Classic Pierced Designed Aerator Wine Decanter Luxury Wine Decanters and Carafes: Wine Decanters

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NUTRIUPS WINE DECANTERJust by itself, it’s an elegant work of art

This wine carafe features dramatic curves that allow an entire bottle of wine to breathe as it travels in and out of this glass wine decanter, creating a stunning centerpiece for your tabletop when entertaining

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NUTRIUPS wine aerator decanter is a true testament to luxury and fine living. Designed to provide a great wine tasting experience with its aerating efficiency. Just by itself, it’s an elegant work of art. It’s timeless design allows it to serve as a multifunctional pitcher to hold and serve water, milk, juice, or tea.

Keep your wine carafe sparkling by hand washing with soap and water and air drying
NUTRIUPS Wine Decanter
A Great Presentation and Flavor Enhancer for Wine!

The red wine decanter displays the swirling stream of wine pouring into the transparent crystal graciously. It provides great aeration that improves the taste, smoothness, and texture of your wine while releasing the fruit and floral aroma deep within. The wine decanter helps the wine to bloom and release the fresh aroma of chocolate, vanilla, dark berry comes with it. Use NUTRIUPS wine decanters to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite wine during dinner or at the end of a long day.

Carefully crafted slanted spout makes pouring a breeze
It comes safely packed in a stylish and modern gift box
Measurements: 5.9″ diameter, 14.5″ tall
Bonus a flexible decanter cleaning brush and a cork stopper
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Aerate Your Wine Thoroughly
This wine carafe decanter features dramatic curves that allow your wine to breathe as it travels in and out of this wine decanter. Decanting the wine oxygenates it and releases its rich aroma and flavor, giving it more body and strength.
Drip-Free Pouring
Slanted spout helps to prevent unwanted spills & drips. Help you save even one delicious drop of wine. The spout edge is flame polished, which makes it smoother and more durable than other wine decanter carafe.
Bonus Valuable Accessories
Use the cork stopper while drinking wine to preserve the aroma and prevent evaporation. PLUS a decanter cleaning brush specially designed to remove wine stains from your crystal wine decanter

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NUTRIUPS Wine Decanters

This carafe for wine is a true testament to luxury and fine living.

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Hollow Design, Pierced Design

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  1. This is absolutely such a statement piece that guests always marvel at. The glass is high-quality and will last years of wine use. The design is sleek and will go great with any type of decor. Also, this makes my wine taste wayyyy more complex. The once hidden notes now shine through. I love it so much and this would also make such a great gift for anyone of age.

  2. A beautifully handmade Crystal wine carafe decanter that was hand blown from lead-free crystal.This wine carafe will maximize the surface of wine exposed to air and shortens the breathing time of high tannic wines. Because the flavor is allowed to breath better, the wine will taste richer.The carafe has a slanted spout for drip-free pouring. It’s great for parties or just when you want to,pamper yourself.I was very impressed with the packaging for safe keeping. It’s also packed for gift giving because it comes in a modern gift box with a cork stopper and a brush. Perfect gift for wine enthusiasts.

  3. This is a very finely crafted, elegant wine decanter, which pours the wine in a thin, precise stream, and allows the wine to aerate while holding it. The ball shaped cork is perfectly spherical and a great accent to the look. The cleaning wand is ideal for washing the interior of the decanter. When you pour it you have to hold it almost completely inverted to pour out all the contents but it maintains the thin, precise stream of flow, and doesn’t spill. Eye-catching and simple.

  4. This is a nice carafe to use as an everyday item or for an informal wine party. The communication and shipping with the seller are top notch and looks beautiful on the shelf. My only complaint is that there is a small bubble in the crystal but it isn’t noticeable unless you are looking for it. And it has done an excellent job decanting my wine.

  5. This is my first ever decanter and it exceeded expectations. First, it is bigger than I imagine it would be, which makes for a perfect display. I also like that it comes with a huge spherical cork stopper and a brush, which is very easy to use and gets every nook and cranny. Cleaning the decanter was surprisingly easy. In the third picture, I poured a whole bottle of red wine. It looks even more stunning with wine in the display.Now comes the taste. So I used an aerater to pour into the decanter. In the past, for many years, I strictly poured through the aerater and into the wine glass. The first bottle, I let sit for 2 hours. The taste of the wine being poured from the decanter is more clear, crisp, and really brings out the subtle notes, especially the tannis. The second bottle, I let it sit for a few minutes. I noticed it also tasted more clear and crisp, despite not sitting as long. As I was drinking both glasses, there was no sediments left in my glass. Also, with both glasses, the wine was more bubbly, which I found quite delightful.True to its word, it pours lovely and no drip. I know with pouring out of bottle and into aerator, there was always drips along the side of the bottle or the glass. This decanter provides a flawless and beautiful pour.Overall, a decanter is a lovely gift for wine lovers. Not only will your wine be beautifully displayed but it will taste better being poured from a decanter. As a wine lover who has drank wine for nearly a decade, I must admit I wish I had gotten a decanter sooner.

  6. Wow, this is really beautiful! It’s a quality hand-blown decanter obviously designed for wine, but you can use it for any beverage. It’s got elegant lines, including the slanted top, and the flared base. It would make a fabulous gift (I keep thinking a wedding present for a wine-loving couple).I confess I didn’t know what the cork ball was for when I first opened the box, but it turns out my guess was right–it’s a stopper.If you’re in the market for a wine decanter or carafe, this is a winner!

  7. This wine decanter is really beautiful and it works very well. This special shape of decanter offers a large surface for wine/air interaction. It definitely pleases me when I have my me time, but it is probably too much for impressing my friends. It is a elegant piece to have, and it made by lead-free crystal which is kind of important thing to me.

  8. This is a very nice decanter which lacks any personality. It’s just plain glass, no patterns, no etching. Just plain and functional. Just as I like it. The cork ball works as a lid and is a good conversation piece. Also included is a kind of wick type cleaning “rope” which makes cleaning a breeze. The decanter pours without dripping. A nice edition to the bar.

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