Gold Flask Liquor + Funnel Set

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8oz Gold Flask for Liquor + Funnel Set. Proven Gift for Men or Women. Engraved Well Deserved
Hip Flask in a Classy Black Satin Packaging. Wedding, Groomsmen, Congratulation, Boss. by Well-Deserved: Industrial & Scientific

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One day I was going to buy a liquor flask for my friend only to find out that all the flasks on Amazon seem to be very dull – either a boring, stainless steel color or wrapped in fake leather. That’s when I decided that I can create something much better.


I had read around 2000 Amazon reviews of all the flasks sold there and put together a list of 10 common issues people complain about. Then I designed a flask that not only eliminated all of them but even more importantly looked MUCH better and had a great gift packaging to top it off.


What I love the most is making sure my customers are satisfied. It always makes my day to help a customer who messaged me with an issue they had. That is why you can always rely on me and write to me at any time. I am giving you my word that I will always help and make sure you are fully satisfied.

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1. Black Engraved, 3. Gold Engraved, 6. Copper Plain

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  1. I purchased this flask to add to a large gift including a weekend skiing and goggles. No one has used it yet but I am posting this review after several requests from the seller. It is very attractive and made an excellent presentation. I have not yet heard if it works well.

  2. I bought these flasks for the groomsmen’s gift for my son who was married May 5th. It was a beautiful wedding and all enjoyed. My son said that he did like the flasks very much. They were beautiful and the men who received them thought they were great.; GOOD JOB GREAT PRODUCT..THE PRICE WAS GREAT AND THE FLASKS LOOKED WONDERFUL

  3. We have 3 boys together, and if that’s not enough to make a normal man drink, I don’t know what is. Over the 3 decades of fatherhood, he’s had the gamut of personalities in our Sons. What do you give the man who has endured childhood, teen years and then the starts and stops of their adulthoods? Something to put that good bourbon in!This arrived quickly and gift-boxed for a great presentation. Hubbs immediately was happy with it. He washed it up, filled it with some fine bourbon and set it to chill in the fridge. Now he has a way to carry that with him on visits to the kids, and when they decide to announce that they’re moving back home for a while to get back on their feet.Should’ve gotten on for me for Mother’s day, but what can ya do??

  4. “WILD-5-POKER” is a table poker game my wife and I created. It is now very popular in many casinos in Las Vegas and Reno, NV. We were given an opportunity to do a showcasing at the Sunset Station Casino in Las Vegas and among other giveaways drawing we included this 8oz Gold Flask For Liquor + Funnel Set. This Gold Flask was attractive and very presentable. It was not too expensive as a giveaway. The person who won it was a happy camper.

  5. I bought this as a gift for my father after his promotion to Lieutenant for his local Fire Department. As a result of this being a gift I honestly can’t speak on the durability or anything involving this product being used but I can absolutely speak to the aesthetic of this product. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! It comes in a satin lined box and looks way more expensive than it actually is. Also, the customer service given is top notch.

  6. It was a nice product. Gave these to my close work friends as a Christmas gift. Also had them engraved and it held well. One did come a little dirty but that was no big thing as I wiped it and cleaned it. The box is very nice. Just attached a bow to it and it looked like a beautiful gift.

  7. This flask was a great gift to my Groomsmen… they loved it. They all told me they have gotten flasks in the past but these were very classy and well made. They especially loved the packaging and the gold funnel that comes with the flask. Very awesome… I highly recommend.

  8. I was searching for something classy but affordable for my son-in-law. This flask is gorgeous and seems sturdy and beautifully crafted. It was also packaged very nicely so it was an impressive gift without breaking the bank. I was so happy to have chosen it – and my son-in-law was impressed. Great product!

  9. I recieved an email from the seller before I received my product that talked about a 100% guarentee, to make sure I received what I paid for. I really appreciate that he took the extra steps to assure me that I would receive the right product.Once I received my flask, I can tell it is a very high quality and well made product… I have never had a seller with that kind of sincerity…. Thank you.

  10. Jacob,I have, for the third time, received your beautiful golden flasks. Two of my friends mentioned how unique a chain, or a lanyard would be attaching the funnel to the flask. My counter to their suggestion is the minor loss of utility. Do you want to slide your flask and the funnel into your pocket? I don’t. That is why I am able to carry two flasks.

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