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Amazon.com – Design Toscano Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar Cart Cabinet on Wheels, 38″, Sepia Finish – Bar & Serving Carts

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antique alcohol bar cart replica cocktail drink decor furniture globe cabinet serving shelf table home deco alcohol serving replica antique globe bar cart extended shelf cocktail table drink cabinet home décor alcohol serving replica antique globe bar cart blue cocktail table drink cabinet home décor alcohol serving replica antique globe bar cart crema durata cocktail table drink cabinet Home decor Wine bar liquor cabinet storage trunk italian style world map globe bar
Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar Old World Extended Shelf Italian Replica Globe Bar Cart Sixteenth Century Cielo Blue Replica Globe Bar Cabinet Sixteenth Century Crema Durata Replica Globe Bar Cabinet Italian-Style World Map Cocktail Bar Steamer Trunk
Size 22″Wx22″Dx38.5″H 27.5″Wx18″Dx34.5″H 18.5″Wx18.5″Dx36″H 17.5″Wx17.5″Dx34.5″H 20.5″Wx19.5″Dx49.5″H
Weight 21 lbs. 17 lbs 16 lbs 12 lbs 54 lbs.
Color Sepia Finish Sepia Finish Cielo Blue Crema Durata Parchment
Extended Shelf –
Wheels ✓
Free Bottle Opener Included ✓

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Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar.

<img alt=”” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/0bd3fc17-7ab8-4fce-a283-aecfccd00b07._SR230,100_.JPG”>Expect the Unexpected

Imaginatively sculpted and created with one-of-a-kind details, our products are cast in quality designer resin or hand-hammered metal and hand-painted by skilled Toscano artisans exclusively for you.

  1. Great Selection
  2. Durable Construction
  3. Guaranteed Quality
  4. Elegant and Stylish

Design Toscano Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

By Design Toscano

A best place in the world for your port, brandy and stemware.

  1. Design Toscano’s wood globe bar cart is masterfully crafted with quality hardwoods using the same 16th century Italian maps usually found only on true antique furniture
  2. The timeless elegance and convenient storage of Design Toscano’s wine bar cart stand is inherent in every one of our liquor cabinets, which are investments in true European style home furnishings

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How our products are crafted?

<img alt=”” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/44b1229e-631e-41a4-9524-2b540420dc25._SL220__.jpg”> <img alt=”” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/aaad6175-a947-4823-9e3f-f1f43bcfe74f._SL220__.jpg”> <img alt=”” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/ccbc5641-be02-4c8a-b81e-f352ec108296._SL220__.jpg”> <img alt=”” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/e18eb6b3-a62a-4c52-9f13-467cb61321a9._SL220__.jpg”>


Using both solid, kiln dried and engineered woods, our craftsmen combine these timbers with both old world and modern techniques to create exquisite pieces of home bar furniture.


Finishes are hand applied throughout the staining process, and end with a protective lacquered top coat ensuring years of bar cabinet enjoyment.


After molding consistently round hemispheres, artisans apply map gores to our bar globe by hand. These individual slices of replica Italian maps cover both the interior and exterior of the liquor cabinet.

Final stages

Each globe bar is topped with a protective coating, assembled with rolling casters and inspected for quality to ensure years of enjoyment displaying your fine vintages.

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About Design Toscano

At Design Toscano, the country’s premier source for historical replicas, we pride ourselves on attention to detail by traveling directly to the source. Over 90% of our offerings are exclusive to the Design Toscano brand, allowing us to present distinctive decorative items unavailable elsewhere. Our attention to detail extends throughout the company, especially in the areas of excellent service and shipping. Design Toscano offers specialty home and garden décor, fountains, reproduction furniture and accessories, indoor and outdoor statuary, and one-of-a-kind home and garden accents. For more than 25 years, Design Toscano has introduced exclusive sculptures, furniture, statues, wall art, and decorative furnishings to passionate consumers eager to surround themselves with unique and extraordinary objects. We have over 6,000 items available so you can expect the unexpected.

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Wine bottle corkscrew beer opener wooden handle<img alt=”Wine bottle corkscrew beer opener wooden handle” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/b2b78ee5-9904-4209-98f7-8d7f361eae49.__CR0,0,2048,2048_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>

Design Toscano Globe Bars Come With A FREE Professional Bottle Opener!

Bonus! Free Professional Waiter’s All-In-One Corkscrew, Wine Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter Included – Favorite tool of sommeliers, waiters and bartenders!

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Additional information


Cielo Blue, Crema Durata, Sepia Finish

Style Name

Globe Bar, Globe Bar With Extended Shelf

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  1. So I bought this on sale about half off. First off holy crap this global bar is amazing! Secondly I can’t believe how cool it is for how cheap I bought it. Everyone that comes over compliments it and thinks its awesome. So far I’ve only put a few bottles in it, but I feel like I’ll be able to put around 10 bottles in or on it. Yes the map isn’t perfect and yes the material is basic, but what does anyone expect for a globe bar that is less that $500.Edit: 10/10/19I’ve had this for more than 1.5 years now. It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve had 20 bottles rotating on it year round. Holding up great. No issues.

  2. I admit I was worried about buying this. There are a lot of these “globe-bars” for sale, and several reviews complained about “having to put the map-decals on the globe yourself” and “it’s impossible to line them up correctly”, etc, and I could see this winding up a big mess. But lo and behold, this globe comes ready finished and looks great. Putting the stand together is a snap and requires only a screwdriver. At this price don’t expect real mahogany, but it’s sturdier than I expected, and I am very happy with my purchase. I expect you will be too.

  3. I’ve wanted one of these for over 10 years and I’m very pleased with this globe bar! It arrived very well packaged; even though the box was damaged during delivery, everything inside was perfectly fine. Assembly was extremely simple (took maybe 10 minutes by myself) and the assembled piece is very sturdy. The globe looks really awesome; I’ve read complaints that the map doesn’t line up properly, but mine looks great. I’m also pleasantly surprised by how much it holds. I fit 10 white wine glasses and 2 red wine goblets inside, plus several bottles of scotch (and there’s room for more). The bottom shelf fits at least 12 bottles of alcohol. Great addition to my home!

  4. This was a great gift for my husband. Very easy to put together. Looks just like the photos. Came on time and undamaged. Feels pretty sturdy although I will not be letting my toddler anywhere near it lol. The “painted” scene on the inside really is beautiful, like an old church ceiling. Overall very pleased with this purchase and would recommend!

  5. I had this on my wish list for about 5 years, finally got it. It’s handsome, holds 8 wine glasses and the decanter inside the globe, as well as various bottles on the base, and the wheels to work: you can roll it to wherever you need it (or roll it out of the way). My only grip would be that the box holding the Laguvulin (single malt scotch box, holding the bottle inside) is nearly too big: it would have been nice if the distance from the bottom of the globe to the base was another 2 inches higher to easily hold the really tall bottles.

  6. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Good home for your volcano. Just cut out the center inside section with a jig saw. Three cuts. Easy. Put a strip of felt all the way around the now cut section. Place a plate inside, larger than the hole. You can use anything. It will be your base for the volcano to sit. I used a small, metal disk that came out of an instapot. Really, it’s a good solution if you want to stay undercover.

  7. This was exactly what my husband wanted. Super easy to put together. The color is beautiful and it looks great in our sunroom. Absolutely NO complaints. He’s happy! This does not look cheap. I’m impressed

  8. I was afraid the quality might be crap, but I was very pleased. It was well packed and easy to assemble and it looks beautiful in my living room and holds a ton of bottles and glasses. I absolutely love it!

  9. I appreciate the care and attention to detail that went into the design and manufacturing of this beautiful mini-bar. I was able to assemble by myself fairly easy in about 25 min. I love how sturdy it is from top to bottom. I was also pleasantly surprised by its size, it’s small enough to accommodate apartments but is substantial enough for a house also. Highly recommend this beautiful and useful piece of furniture!

  10. To get it out of the way, yes, some of the seams of the prints do not line up exactly; that being said, you have to look closely to notice, and so for me personally it is not an issue. The coloration is outstanding, and mine arrived in excellent condition – no scratches, smudges, or dents. It went together in about 15 minutes with no trouble.It’s also an excellent size. The interior can easily hold 3-4 bottles or a decanter, and the bottom has plenty of room for more. The slots on the inside are 3 1/8″ wide and 3 3/4″ deep, so slightly too narrow and deep for a typical whiskey tumbler (the ones pictured are held up about half an inch or so from the bottom) but would work well for wine glasses or narrower tasting glasses. You could fit 8-10 total, depending on the dimensions.

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