16th Century Wooden Globe Rack

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17″ Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand 16th Century Italian Rack Liquor Bottle Shelf with Wheels (Creamy White)

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This is our Italian-Style Globe Wine Rack, which is ideal for storage wine bottles and glasses. Add elegance and antique stylish to any room with this high quality wine bar. It features a wood construction, and antique stylish wine bar are made of high quality plastic. Handsome turned legs add to the authentic look. Smooth rolling casters that can be moved anywhere quietly and easily. Interior paint is the key of this item to become an artwork. Glass and bottle storage reside among artistically hand-painted interior frescoes reminiscent of domed ceiling, the exclusive work of art boasts secure spots for your treasured bottles and glasses. You will not only enjoy the convenience it brought to you but also the beauty of this wine bar. Its unique outlook will bring highlights to your home and shows your lifestyle. Hurry up and don’t hesitate to buy it!


Material: High quality eucalyptus wood, Plastic

Diameter of cylinder brace: 13″

Weight of the item: 11.5lbs

Overall size: 17.5″ X 17.5″ X 35″(L X W X H)

wine bar

Features a wood construction, this antique stylish wine bar is made of high quality plastic. Smooth rolling casters make it to be moved anywhere quietly and easily. For wine lovers, a suitable wine cabinet is very important to protect the wines they have collected. This wine bar is not only for wine collection, but also can be used as a decoration for room.

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wine bar

Its outer map painting surface spice up the very concept of wine cabinet, which is refined and graceful. With nearly or distant always looks at a surprise. You will not only enjoy the convenience it brought to you but also the beauty of this wine bar.

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Creamy White, Retro Brown

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  1. Such a cool addition to any home. I have a map themed loft, this was the perfect decoration that also has a function. Can fit a decanter in the middle and shots around it. The bottom fits 4 wine glasses. Adds class to the room you intend the add it too.

  2. ***update*** we’ve had this globe bar almost 6 months now and it still looks awesome and functions perfectly. Very very happy with this purchase!I received the globe bar today. It was really easy to assemble, all the pieces fit together properly. There was one very small imperfection in the wood of one of the legs, but once assembled it wasn’t noticeable at all. The stickers of the globe and on the inside look good, some of them don’t line up properly, but again, once it was assembled it wasn’t noticeable. I’m worried about the stickers peeling over time, so I think I might put a layer of clear matte modge podge over it to prevent that from happening. I would definitely recommend opening the lid very slowly, if you just yank the lid open I could see it stripping the bolts/holes or possibly ripping the lid off the base completely. I’ve been looking at these globe bars for years, and finally found it at a reasonable price. I paid just shy of $90 for this one, while the same exact one is advertised upwards of $150 by other sellers and on other websites. I’m really very pleased with it, it looks really nice. This is a christmas gift for my husband, so once it’s in use I will post a photo and update my review in a few months.

  3. Like the color different a little than the description expectation which more red compare to brown.I will have to standing up to get access if beside a high bar/table. So if it’s near sofa it’s a little bit more convenient.The most important for me is its lineup so I don’t feel awkward to look at it that will drive me crazy.The other most important part for me it’s able to hold the wine glasses so not falling accidentally.Installation is easy but I accidentally broken the first one, I guess because of my strong pressure, better only use hand screwdriver not drill nor electronica screwdriver.Overall this is a very good choice.

  4. Ok… don’t think you’re getting a real old world globe because you’re not. However, this is a great accent piece that gets a lot of compliments. Thank t was easy to put together. There are some rough spots on the paper overlay, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I have it in my office so I can pretend I’m all posh and grab a drink when I want… as Hemingway said… “write drunk, edit sober.” This little gem helps me do just that.

  5. Bought this as a gift to my husband and he loved it!! The piece came intact and i took 10 mins to assemble it. We love collecting antiques and this goes very well with our decor. Its small and cute and can fit any corner of your living room. We wanted a mini bar next to our couch so that we could serve ourselves a drink while watching tv. It can hold 3 bottles on top and 4 below. It cannot hold normal size of wine glass, maybe a smaller, shorter one will fit. Whiskey glasses dont fit as well.But it works as a perfect mini bar and i love the design!! Very happy with my purchase

  6. Easy to assemble, no damage. I read quite a few reviews saying it was too small for wine and bottles inside. You can see from pics, we opted for a mini bar variety and 4 tumblers on the inside. Below we have some of our large bottles of liquor. Absolutely perfect and everyone who has seen has loved. Definitely recommend.

  7. Inside peeled a little bit, but super glue worked wonders. Had to actually take it out of the sunroom because alcohol should be stored in a dark cool place. Lesson learned. Easy to put together.

  8. I was going mostly for the decor of the globe (I love Globes) but found the hidden bar to be a bonus. I don’t use it as a bar in as much as I use it to hide items when guests come over. It matches the decor of my open concept living/dining room and is a great conversation piece.

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