Italian Leather MacBook Air Laptop Case

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Laptop Case for MacBook Air 13″ Retina (2020/2019/2018, Touch ID)
Italian Leather Hard Shell Cover A2337 M1 A2179 A1932 (Matte Chestnut Crocodile Leather): Computers & Accessories

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MacBook Pro 13" (2020/19/18/17/16), A1278 Old Mac Pro 13" w/ CD Drive (-2012), A1398 Old Mac Pro 15" Retina (-2015), A1466/A1369 Mac Air 13" (No Touch ID), A1502/A1425 Old Mac Pro 13" Retina (-2015), A1990/A1707 Mac Pro 15" 2019/18/17/16, A2141 MacBook Pro 16” 2020/2019, A2289/A2251 MacBook Pro 13" (2020), A2337/A2179/A1932 Mac Air 13” Retina


Black Leather, Brown Wood Leather, Dark Green Leather, Grey Leather, Matte Blue Crocodile Leather, Matte Brown Crocodile Leather, Matte Chestnut Crocodile Leather, Matte Navy Crocodile Leather, Navy Blue Leather, Pink Leather, White Marble Leather, Navy Crocodile Leather, Brown Wood Leather 1

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  1. Looks great. Fits well. Looks a lot better than the picture provided online. No instructions, but, not too hard to figure out how to install. Just snap it on, front to back or back to front.

  2. Classy looking. Fits perfect. Super happy. I had dropped the laptop prior and made a series of deep scratches on it because I had nothing to protect it. It’s so beautiful naked though. This case still keeps it eye catching. Doesn’t add too much bulk. I wouldn’t think it’s going to stop damage in a full height drop but it’s gonna protect it from most random smaller accidents. In an office with five other MBP users at least I look different.

  3. As long as you take the time to make sure you select the correct one that you need for your model MacBook I think most will be very pleased with this case, I know I am. It fits snuggly and gives it an even sleeker look. Its going to do its job which in my mind is protect your MacBook from every day dings and scratches. This WILL NOT do well for drops, which is fine because it is not designed to. I really dig it all the way around.

  4. I took a long time to decide on what case I wanted for my new mac and I am happy I went with this choice. I have a lot of people in my class ask me where I got it. I’ve had some of the standard plastic cases and they all seem to break over time. this one is a bit thicker but will provide added protection. The feel of the case makes it well worth the thickness. It fits my 2017 MacBook pro really well. The top is nice leather and the bottom part of the case is a rubberized hard black. I was really surprised by the feel of the bottom case. I was expecting just a plastic shell but the rubberized hard give the case a more premium feel.

  5. Really nice MacBook Pro case!These guys really did a nice job designing a nice leather feel case thats protective enough to satisfy my needs as well as having a pretty sleek design. I’ve read a couple reviews on here complaining about the case being a fairly loose fit, specifically the top of the case lifting up, however I haven’t experienced any of these issues. In fact, mine snapped in nice and tight and doesn’t budge at all, making for a very nice fit overall. The apple logo cutout is also a very nice addition to the design factor of this case.Satisfied with this purchase and couldn’t have been happier with the price, way better than most of the competition out there. Highly recommend this!

  6. I love this case! I ordered 3 cases before finding this one and they were all junk! This is so professional and made well. I highly recommend this product!

  7. I just got my MacBook Pro, and felt I needed to protect it. I got the white marble case, and I love it! The marble is beautiful and the feel of the case is really nice and smooth as opposed to sleek plastic hard shell cases. It’s very soft, and it fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend it and would buy again. It seems as though it will protect my MacBook better than a plastic one. I love the leather.

  8. It looks nicer than I thought it would and fits perfectly. It was easy enough to snap into place, but I would highly recommend reading the instructions (or watching a video) before attempting to do so; I didn’t, and feel like I just got lucky.When I first touched the outside surface of the bottom piece, I thought it was not “grippy” enough; but given that my computer (MBP mid 2017) is so light, it’s fine. I just want to be able to carry my laptop from one room to another without having to carry it like a wet bar of soap; this case solves that problem for me.Edit:*** I forgot to mention that the case has nice, “grippy” feet that don’t slide AND are tall enough to allow for good ventilation; another plus.

  9. Over the years I have purchased multiple shells for our laptops. This one is the BEST ever. Fit my mid-2015 15″ MacBook Pro Retina perfectly. The finish on the leather top half is amazing. Love the cutout for the Apple lighted logo on the back of the screen.A single nit to pick here: The bottom half had casting flash on the top edge on both sides of the laptop. Run my fingers back and forth on the sides frequently. Got out my handy nail emery board and now it’s smooth.This is the best quality cover I have every used and I am thrilled to death with it.Warning: I will whine if the rubber feet come off of the bottom. 🙂

  10. I have been using this casing in black color for my space grey MacBook Pro 15″ for nearly 3 months. I am happy to reports that it is a solid choice in terms of giving my laptop the protection that it needs. It is made of a softer feel plastic that has an embossed texture on the outside which gives the feel and look of leather. The die cut fits well over the Apple logo of the laptop and looks great with the black matte color over the black shinny Apple logo. It does add quit a bit of thickness to the laptop. It does not cover any of the plugs as indicated by some other reviewers. It replaces another translucent hard plastic casing, also purchased from Amazon, that cracked in two corners in 6 months.

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