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Kangol, code 504, 504, flat cap, cap,

Kangol Flat Caps

Early in our history, a stiffened peak was added to our berets and the Kangol Flat Cap was born.

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504 Flat Cap 507 Flat Cap Hawker, Spitfire, Galaxy Flat Caps Peebles Flat Cap Enfield, Fisherman, Mau Caps
Profile Regular Narrow Wide Regular Regular
Crown Depth Regular Deep Regular Regular Regular
Fabrics Wool, Tropic, Bermuda, Bamboo, Cotton Wool, Tropic, Bamboo, Cotton Wool, Tropic, Bamboo, Cotton Wool, Linen Wool, Bamboo, Linen, Cotton
Gender Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex

Kangol established 1938.


Kangol established 1938.

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Kangol established 1938.

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Kangol established 1938.

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Black, Charcoal, Green, Grey, Black/Gold, Brown, Cognac, Light Blue, Scarlet, Beige, Tan, Masters Green, Natural, White, Navy

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  1. This hat has exceeded all my expectations!!! I live in Florida & the past week the temps have been in the 90’s & when you’re out playing golf in the blazing sun you definitely need your head covered with a hat that covers you but isn’t going to make you sweat!!! This Kangol hat fits the bill perfectly !!! It is vented that allows air flow with lightweight material!! Also, it is sharp looking in that I always receive compliments. It is absolutely head & shoulders above wearing a “baseball” type cap in terms of comfort & looks, I love wearing this hat so much that I recently ordered two other colors & gave my 38 “baseball” type caps to charity!!!

  2. No kidding on the title. These Kangol hats are the type of hat that if you get used to wearing, you will feel naked without. I also bought a 507 model and have a review of it on here too. The main thing to know is I bought this 504 in a XXL because I wear a 7 3/4 baseball cap, but it’s a bit big on me. I bought the XL in the 507 and it fit much better.I liked the 507 a little better overall, but I’m still going to get a couple of these 504s too, in XL size. The quality is nice, the material feels durable and they really do go with nearly any outfit. Recommended the most for balding men or bald men, especially head shavers like myself. It feels like a nice, stylish, yet subtle way to keep our heads from sunburn. It also takes away the frustration of trying to buy a baseball cap these days, not knowing whether to order a flat brim and trying to bend it or going with a low crown, pre-bent. I also think I’ve found the perfect gifts for my bald uncles and grandpa.

  3. I decided to try a hat other than the beat up baseball style hat I have worn for decades. While thinking about what style I wanted to try I suddenly thought of my dad. He has worn this style Kangol for as long as I can remember. I call it “the old man” hat. I decided since I’m old now and this style is good enough for my dad it is good enough for me. I have mixed feelings over this hat. When I it arrived I put it on and asked my teenage daughter and wife what they thought, their replies are what gave me the mixed feelings. My wife said “you look like an old man”, I can live with that, I am an old man and I like the hat. My teenage daughter said “you look like a hipster”…..WHAT THE HECK IS A HIPSTER. She filled me in about hipsters and apparently the “old man” hat is a fad at the moment. So do I wear the hat and have the kids laugh at me because they think I’m trying to look young and hip? I just wanted something different to cover my head and keep the sun out of my eyes. This hat is VERY comfortable and I don’t mind looking like my dad in the least. So those dang hipsters need to keep their comments to themselves.

  4. The Kangol Tropic Ventair was very well received by my son at Christmas. The hat is comfortable, runs true to size, is vented to allow air flow to his head, and looks great on practically anyone. It can be worn with the rim facing forward, backwards, and even to the side, and it will still look good! I’ve borrowed the hat from him several times and it’s just a fun accessory to wear. The hat is very well made and the logo is clear and well stitched. It’s a good looking hat that can be worn in both casual and dress up situations, and one that I may have to buy another of because the kid is getting fed up with everyone borrowing his hat! This hat is definitely worth buying if you love the style.

  5. I’m the age where I have had to get several spots on my balding head removed with liquid nitrogen. It stings like a bee and is absolutely no fun. Living in sunny Florida I decided I would wear something to protect my head more often, This is the fourth Kangol hat I have ordered, all different colors. The Ventair breathes better than a lot of hats/caps. I love them!

  6. I wear Kangol exclusively. I wear a s/m in a flexfit. I always buy a small in the 504. Medium in 507. The hat was perfect. The packaging is disrespectful to the brand. Crammed in a tiny box. I had no damage but it could be possible. People are very particular about these hats. Thank you. Great product.

  7. I love my (growing) Kangol collection. The hats are lightweight – perfect for the heat and humidity of Miami – though just as comfortable in spring and fall in Montréal! Great color selection. Fit can be a little tricky: sometimes a “touch” too small or large…so either purchase locally or buy on Amazon with their generous “free return” offer. This one happened to fit “just right” on first try 🙂

  8. These are excellent hats. I wound up buying a second one, since I wear the first I purchased at work; I work in a hot environment and have to wear a hat, and these breathe perfectly and don’t get sweaty or really pick up smells badly over time. The first one I bought suffered an unfortunate incident with a cat, and thinking it was ruined I ran it through the washing machine just to have a small chance of saving it…and it came out perfectly clean, still in shape, and was good as new.They’re well constructed, they look sharp, and they hold up to accidental mistreatment and daily use just fine. I had an older wool 504 that I quit wearing because the band wore out and it wouldn’t keep shape well, but these ventairs seem to be much more sturdy and reliable than my older 504 was. I’m really happy with it, to the point that despite having two already I might order a couple more in different colors. Just a great year-round hat that looks good with almost anything.

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