Whiskey Stones Gold Edition Gift

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Whiskey Stones Gold Edition Gift Set of 8 Stainless Steel Diamond Shaped Metal Ice Cubes, Reusable Chilling Rocks including Silicone Tip Tongs and Storage Tray: Home & Kitchen

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Sometimes, the finish to a pleasant day is a cold drink that stays cold, no matter what.

Whether it be for whiskey, wine, or even coffee, the addition of Premium Gold Ice Cubes by NIFTY5 made of stainless steel

will add a stylish, diamond-shaped flair to your favorite drink for any and all special occasions!

The freezer GEL filled inside the 8, non-toxic cubes will make every sip perfect and true to the first,

while giving any ordinary drink the glamour it deserves.

It is the first of its design in the market with its unique gold color and diamond shape.

Show your loved ones you care by celebrating holidays and complimenting their cheers with our Premium Gold Ice Cubes and

we’ll package it complete with silicone tip tongs, a storage tray, and a gift box to tie it all together!

Instructions (How To Use)

1. Rinse the ice cubes thoroughly.

2. Store them in the freezer for at least two hours.

3. Gently place 3-4 the pre-chilled ice cubes in your glass.

4. Pour your drink or beverage of choice over the ice cubes and enjoy!

Package Includes

✦ 8 x Ice Cube Chilling Stones in Diamond-Shaped Gold Color (1x1x1 inch, 0.9oz for 1)

✦ 1 x Non-Slip Silicone Tip Tong

✦ 1 x Ice Cube Plastic Tray with Lid

✦ Gift Ready Packaging


Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones are an ice alternative for keeping your whiskey or other drink cold without the diluted taste of melted ice.

Please be informed that Whiskey Stone may not get your drink as cold as an actual ice.

Caution: Do NOT Swallow. Keep them away from your kids.

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  1. I have ordered this product twice because these gold ice cubes are so impressive. Whether scotch, champagne, or ice tea, they chill beverages without dilution. Excellent quality – guests really love them.

  2. I love dropping these into our drinks to keep things cool without watering it down! The tongs are a little awkward to handle, but they get the job done. I bought these as a gift, and they turned out to be way higher quality than I expected! Even the packaging it came in made for a nice presentation as a gift. I definitely plan to buy another set for myself.

  3. The product came in quickly and is very classy looking. For the price, you can’t beat it. I purchased this as a gift and everyone loves it. Not just for the looks but it keeps your drink cold for a long time without watering it down. Also, when I initially received my box, it was missing 1 cube. I contacted the seller and within the next hour they already sent out a brand new package for me. Now that’s customer service!

  4. Very happy with these stones.I use them for all kinds of drinks to cool down.And one day, I was very curious.what about using them in the opposite way?So I tested them out with water and I found them extremely useful.They cool down my water, but they also keep my water warm for a while(not that long tho).Also, they look beautiful in my whiskey glass.Gorgeous shape and prefect color in my whiskey.Awesome product!!!

  5. These stay so cold so long. I use them in my yeti type cups for all my cold drinks! Coke, water , tea or whatever!!! It will still be cold in the morning when I wake up after sitting on my nightstand all evening after work and all night! Love these because my dinks do NOT get watered down and my drink stays ice cold!!! Will buy another set!

  6. Did a theme gift. My hubby discovered he liked an Old Fashioned cocktail after a few evening business meetings. I purchased these, and the other ingredients (on Amazon), and gave with some beautiful crystal double old fashioned glasses for Xmas. He loved these!

  7. I bought these for the unique shape and gold style glam appeal. They live up to their claim to get drinks cold. I was sent an email after I purchased them with suggestions to optimize the chill factor, which was helpful (after putting stones in, wait a minute or two before enjoying in order to let the stones chill the liquid). The tray, tongs, and stones came gift ready and I would buy them again for myself or others. The stones look great in a glass (nice aesthetic) and they work well for chilling. Highly recommend.

  8. These are meant for on the rocks non mixed drinks so these work perfect with Whiskey not watering it down and giving it the perfect chill temperature as quickly as these are placed into your glass. They will quickly get cold once placed in the freezer and they are so easy to wash.

  9. Not only do you look like a pro when you offer these to your friends, but they did a very good job at chilling my bourbon as wellLet’s face it, estheticly pleasing is a huge must. These give you that! Ignore comments that say they don’t chill your drink, those people must not be using them right. These worked great chilling. I actually received an e-mail from the seller with detailed instructions on how to use these properly and get the best results. Buy them, you’ll love them.

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