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Leather Desk Pad – (36 X 17 Inch) Desk Mat Accessories for Women Men Desk Protector Extended Mouse Pad
for Office/Home Accessories Writing Pad for Top of Desks (Dark Brown) : Office Products

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Gallaway Leather Logo

Gallaways’ Leather Desk Pad is the ultimate office accessory.

The Elegant Leather Design has a simple but chic look.
The large Dimensions are designed to fit your laptop, keyboard, laptop stand, mouse and other accessories.
High quality product that’s built to last.
Suggestion for use: Office, Bedroom, Study, lounge room, vanity

Package Contents: Large PU leather Smooth Desk Mat Protector – Brown in Black Gift Box.

Gallaway Leather Desk Pad

Gallaway Leather Multifunctional Office Desk Pad – Dark Brown (36 x 17) Extended Non Slip Desk Protector Premium PU Leather

Keep your workspace clean and tidy with Gallaway’s Desk Pad.

Gallaway’s Desk Pads are made with heavy duty, durable PU leather, it has a non slip surface, allowing you to move your mouse freely.

Gallaway-Leather-Deskpad-Closeup-Stitching Gallaway Leather-Deskpad-Packaging Gallaway Leather Desk Pad, Multifunctional Office desk pad Gallaway Leather-DeskPad-in-packaging
Quality Finishing and Easy to Clean leather
Made from high quality PU Leather. Attention to detail and durable. Water Repellent Surface. Simply wipe away any dirt, water or oil. Waterproof, oil-proof. Use this deskpad to protect your glass or wooden desk from scratches, laptop burns, stains and spills.
This Desk Pad can reduce hand fatigue caused by long term use of the mouse.
Anti Slip Base
Anti-Slip Base to help the mat stay in place.
This product comes in a beautifully engraved black gift box. A perfect gift for to send to your co-workers around the office or to your boss.

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Black, Dark Brown

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  1. This is really good for the price! It comes as shown and feels soft yet exquisite. The leather mat smells like leather and is plenty big for my desk! Would definitely this for anyone looking for an affordable or high-quality desk mat, this is the one!

  2. I wanted a smooth protective pad for my new desk. I would have prefered high quality leather pad, but I didn’t want to pay the high price. This pad looks beautiful. It provides a little cushion for my arms, yet I can write on a single sheet of paper without putting something under it.Some reviewers commented that they did not like the way it slid around on the desktop. I have found it only slides if I move it. I like being able to set my laptop on top of the pad, and slide it out of the way or bring it closer to me, depending on the work I am doing at my desk.I can’t imagine the felt backing sticking to my desk and ruining the finish. It went through a week of hot, HUMID weather with no air conditioning (long-term storm related power outage) and didn’t even hint at being sticky. I wonder if the reviewers who complained about that had desks with old varnish – I don’t know. I love mine. I’ve been using it for almost three months, and it looks as nice as the day I unrolled it (It laid completely flat within half an hour). It may not hold up as long as genuine top-grain leather, but at this price I could replace it many times over.

  3. My desk has a dark brown wood top and over the past year it has become slightly scratched and dinged. I thought about getting a glass top to cover it but that was too much trouble and too expensive. Then I found this desktop cover…the only one I found that was large enough and medium brown in color. I ordered it thinking it would pretty average for a 20 dollar cover. I was pleasantly surprised. It looks and feels like leather (and is…I did not realize that when I ordered. Very nice looking. One thing that sorta knocked my socks off is that it came if a very upscale, brown box. Hell, the box is so nice looking I hate to throw it away.Anyway, a good product, better than advertised and a good value at 23 bucks!

  4. Oh my gosh – this desk pad fits so perfectly on top my handmade, almost rustic, desk. It levels out the minor surface irregularities and give me a wobble-free surface for my keyboard. It is elegant and classy – and would provide a great look in any office or library. You feel you just want to sit there and read, write, or simply dream!The box in which the desk pad arrived is too good to toss out. So now it contains a pair of my drum sticks! Delivery was way ahead of schedule. I’m not exaggerating when I say I am thrilled.

  5. I was a little hesitant to get this, as they only had one color, and I had my heart set on navy blue. But, I’m glad I bought it. I have a beautiful real wood desk, and wanted something that looks and feels high end. This pad definitely fits the bill. The pad is extremely comfortable and has a very elegant feel to it. The texture is soft, and doesn’t feel plasticky or cheap at all. Some people don’t like the logos on their mats, but I think the logo adds to the elegance of the pad. The bottom is suede, which keeps the pad in place. The pad doesn’t smell, and it remained 95% flat from the moment I opened it and placed it on the desk. There’s a very small part of the lower right corner that it’s %100 flat, but that will go away in time.All in all, a great purchase.

  6. I can’t believe this is around $20, it is actual leather, comes in a really nice box that makes a great gift. I’ve been using it for awhile now and love it! I can fit my MacBook, keyboard, mouse, and coffee all on it. I overhang the edge a bit on my hard wooden desk and makes a great wrist wrest and protects my wood. It looks great! We’ll see how well it wears over time, but, frankly, at this price replacing it is not really an issue.Good writing surface too!

  7. I bought this to protect my new desk but this would make an excellent gift: The box it came in was fancy and looked like an expensive item was inside. The mat itself was great quality and did not feel like cheap vinyl as I was afraid it might be. It looks and feels like leather… it has a lovely logo embossed into the corner which gives it a fancier look in my opinion. It looks like a high end accessory. It stayed well- did not slip or slide on the desk surface at all. It’s very wide… could go a tad shorter width but I’m using under a 15 inch laptop so that may just feel large compared to my little laptop. If you were working with lots of files and books and a computer this would be a good size. I will keep it because it’s beautiful.

  8. This desk pad is bigger than a lot of the others on Amazon and for me was the perfect size. I wanted a dark brown and while not an exact match for my desktop it looks great on my dark brown desktop.After unfolding it, I laid heavy books on it overnight and it is now perfectly flat. Because I recently rejuvenated my desktop, it had become a bit slippery for this desk pad. Based on what a reviewer of another pad did to solve this slipping issue, I put some of the soft drawer liner on the back (about 1″ short on all 4 sides, so it would not show the drawer padding) and just taped it to the back of the pad near the 4 corners. No more slide, and it is softer. Laser Mouse loves it 🙂

  9. I see a lot of people commenting that this is real leather, it is not. PU Leather is artificial leather and there is no way this would be so cheap if it was real leather.That said, for artificial leather it looks great, flattens out almost instantly and is a great price.It is pretty thin and light however, so you may want to use something like carpet tape to prevent it from sliding around. The only other draw back is that it won’t gain character with age like real leather would. Though it should hold up well and is maintenance free.Good buy overall.

  10. I like this mat way better than a much more expensive Dacasso Leather Matt. Its color is lovely, the size is great, it can be rolled if you want to store it, no smell whatsoever (the Dacasso mat was more smelly than this when it arrived), my mouse moves smoothly on it, and it looks and feels great. And it feels good to know that this mat was not torn off some poor animal’s back to cover my desk.

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