Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses 4 Chillball

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LuxuryBar, luxury lifestyle for whiskey lovers!

Whiskey Decanter Set Glasses Whiskey Decanter Sets Bourbon Liquor Decanter Gifts Men Dad Him HusbandLUXURY BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR MEN

LuxuryBar whiskey decanter set with glasses comes with luxury gift box. You can present our whiskey decanter sets for men with liquor decanter set and whiskey glasses set as dad gifts for dad birthday gift, bourbon gifts for men, whiskey gifts for men, husband birthday gift for husband and mens gifts for birthday gift for men, they will never forget the day they received LuxuryBar liquor dispenser whiskey set.

Whiskey Decanter Set Glasses Whiskey Decanter Sets Bourbon Liquor Decanter Gifts Men Dad Him HusbandLUXURY WHISKY DECANTER & GLASS SET

LuxuryBar wiskey/wine decanter set with decanters for alcohol let you enjoy your brandy, vodka, rum and cognac. Luxury bourbon decanter sets with crystal decanter and whiskey glasses set to satisfy every whisky lovers. LuxuryBar whiskey gift set with glass decanter and liquor glasses is the great man gifts for whiskey lovers, whisky gifts for men, whiskey set gifts for men, christmas gift for men and mens gift for dad birthday.

Whiskey Decanter Set Glasses Whiskey Decanter Sets Bourbon Liquor Decanter Gifts Men Dad Him HusbandXL STEEL CHILLING BALLS, COLD FASTER & KEEP FLAVER

LuxuryBar glass decanter with whiskey glasses set comes with stainless steel chilling balls won’t melt and won’t dilutes, keep your whiskey original flavor. And with XL size chill your whisky faster and long lasting cold. LuxuryBar whiskey sets for men also comes with whiskey accessories funnel to easier adding wiskey from liquor bottles or whiskey bottle to the tequila decanter / scotch decanter.


Whiskey Decanter Set Glasses Whiskey Decanter Sets Bourbon Liquor Decanter Gifts Men Dad Him Husband

Whiskey Decanter Set Glasses Whiskey Decanter Sets Bourbon Liquor Decanter Gifts Men Dad Him Husband

Whiskey Decanter Set Glasses Whiskey Decanter Sets Bourbon Liquor Decanter Gifts Men Dad Him Husband

Whiskey Decanter Set Glasses Whiskey Decanter Sets Bourbon Liquor Decanter Gifts Men Dad Him Husband


LuxuryBar whiskey sets for men comes with tequila decanter, alcohol glasses and whiskey accessories whisky cocktails recipe guide book for enjoying whisky in more ways. LuxuryBar liquor decanter set with vodka decanter and whiskey glass set is the great tequila gifts for men, liquor gifts for men, dad birthday gifts for dad from daughter, tequila gift for dad birthday, husband gifts, whisky glasses gifts for men, men gift for husband and mens gift set.


LuxuryBar glass crystal decanter set with whiskey dispenser scotch decanter and whiskey tray set. LuxuryBar whiskey bottle alcohol dispenser set with glass decanters for liquor is cool family christmas gifts, men gifts for christmas unique, dad gifts for christmas gift for men, co workers christmas gift ideas and gift sets for men.


LuxuryBar decanter whiskey with glass crystal whiskey decanter. LuxuryBar decanter sets for men with glass decanters for liquor is great fathers day gifts for husband, fathers day gifts for grandpa, cool gifts for men, guy gifts for male friends, mens gift set, gift sets for men and gift for grandpa.


LuxuryBar bourbon decanter set with alcohol decanter. LuxuryBar whiskey glasses and decanter set with wisky liquor decanters is great liquor gifts for men, vodka gifts for men, whiskey set gifts for men, men’s gifts for boss, valentines day gifts for him, christmas gift set, birthday gift for men.

Package includes:

1* 26oz 770ml diamond whiskey decanter,

4* 10oz 310ml diamond whiskey glasses,

4 * 1.6” Stainless steel whisky chilling balls,

1 * Wood tray,

1 * Whiskey accessories funnel,

1 * Whisky cocktails recipe guide book.

Glasses 4 2 4 Whisky Chillers 4 * Football Chillers 2 * Football Chillers 4pcs 1.6″ Ball Wood Tray ✓ ✓ ✓ Gift Box ✓ ✓ ✓ Cocktails Recipe Book ✓ ✓ ✓ Funnel ✓ ✓ ✓

Additional information




Stainless Steel




800 Milliliters



Product Dimensions

1.6 x 0.01 x 4 inches

Item Weight

6.74 pounds



Date First Available

March 17, 2022

Comments (34)

  1. Beautiful

    My son loved his gift so much that he set it up and we used it for New Years eve. It is well made and beautifully constructed. He loved the way the glasses can sit at all angles. You won’t be disappointed if you buy it.

  2. Great looking set in an ugly nox

    This set is really beautiful and nicely made. It is everything you want it to be. It looks classy and expensive. The box it comes in is very effective in terms of protecting the set, which is great. What isn’t so great is that I think the logo ans arrows on the box makes the whole set look a bit cheap. If I were giving this as a present, I would take it out of the packaging and put it in a nice plain box with some pretty shredded paper packing. Thatway the packaging wouldn’t cheapen the high end look of thr product itself.

  3. Beautiful set

    The pictures don’t do it justice this decanter set is beautiful. They come well packed and the holder is easy to set up. This will definitely add a touch of class to any decor and a great center piece when having friends and family over. Recommend 100%

  4. Beautiful

    This Decanter set is beautiful and very well made! It absolutely fits in with my wine and martini glasses! The glass is heavy enough that it doesn’t feel fragile.

  5. Very elegant

    Very nice product. The stainless steel ice balls were a plus . I really like it.

  6. Gorgeous!!

    This decanter set is absolutely gorgeous!! Very complimentary to my home bar. I get questions about it all the time. It’s so pretty.

  7. Very unique

    I love the uniqueness of this decanter. It’s what really drew my eye. The stand is nice and solid. The glasses and decanter are thick glass and don’t feel like they’ll shatter in your hand. The metal ice balls keep your drink cold without watering it down. This would make a wonderful gift.

  8. Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set

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     Esto es es lo que se llama calidad elegancia y glamor es como un diamante el cristal es fuerte lo ame lo recomiendo bastante 😊

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  9. An ok decanter

    I find no real problems with the decanter itself as it does its job but the materials are a bit cheap to the touch. The set is nice and the unique design is a huge plus as it is very pleasing to the eye. Id recommend this as a decorational piece for a bar but maybe not as a day to day use kind of thing.

  10. Very flimsy structurally, but the decanter itself is nice.

    I am very disappointed at the quality of this set. The glass is great, the wood parts and security of the odd-ball decanter is extremely poor.The base is about 1/4″ masonite with a single hole in the center for a 1/2″ screw. The 3 wedges which hold the decanter in place are also 1/4″ masonite held in place by one screw a piece. The base and the wedges attach to the bottom layer with that 1/2″ screw.It could use some serious improvement to the choice of would and ways the wood is attached to the base.I put some “not as expensive” Scotch in the decanter just because it still looks cool but I can’t trust it to the “good stuff”!!

  11. Cast glass that makes the decanter look cheap. The bottom of the decanter is also solid glass

    Ok, I was hoping for a very nice decanter to use at my home like my friend has. So, when this became available, I ordered it. Here is what I found:1. This is NOT like a crystal cut decanter. No, I did not expect crystal, but I did expect it to look nice. See pictures. I included a picture of my friends decanter and you can see the world of difference between them. This decanter looks like a cheap model glass. In fact the bottom third of the unit is solid glass which adds considerable weight while taking away a lot of capacity.2. The glasses in this set are terrible. You cannot put them on edge like shown in the ad picture. The balance in the glasses is all wrong. one will stay in place and the other three will flip to being upright either immediately or at any movement. Not exactly a nice display.3. The steel balls that are supposed to be used to keep your drink cold I am not sure I will use. They have liquid in them and no where does it tell me what is in that liquid. I am not will to gamble for the look of a ball bearing in my glass.4. The stand on this is in two pieces. There are no directions, but it does only take one screw to hold it together. Oh, look carefully for that packaged screw or you will throw it out. It is a Philips head and is about a number 2 in size. When you do put it together, ensure that the edges do not go into the cup holder area or you will have more problems that you already have.5. The paint on this is very thin and it scratches easily and then looks bad. So, either coat it with a plastic resin or just be very careful with it.6. The flask on this does NOT have ground glass. So, they include a tiny useless funnel so that when you fill it you will not get any liquid on the neck because then the top will stick and make it difficult to open. This funnel is useless not only because you can not fill using it unless you have a lot of time and a steady hand, but because as soon as you pour a drink the neck will be coated and now the top will stick in the decanter.I would not recommend this except as a stage prop and then I would probably not recommend it due to the high cost of that stage prop.

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  12. Beautiful decanter set

    This diamond decanter set is gorgeous. I’ve gotten so many compliments. The only downside is my 12 year old single malt scotch seems to disappear a lot quicker now!

  13. I bought this as a housewarming gift for my daughter.. she loves it and I do too! I will order again

    I like it came with the ice balls. This keeps drinks from being watered down. She loves the unique shape. I will be ordering a few more for each kinds of alcohol she likes for Christmas..1 for Tequila1 for VodkaAnd one for the Henny cause it’s what I like!!

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  14. Impressive look

    Bought this for my brother. When he opened it, Immediately wanted one. Very good quality, sharp look.

  15. Stand is cheap

    The decanter stand is not very well made. Two corners were broken off before it was even used.

  16. Cheaply made product

    I don’t like to complain but this product for $85 is not worth it. The wood base came broken and with screws loose. One of the wooden decanter holders came with a crack in it.. The wood is very cheap wood. It’s a $20 product. Not worth the money. I have to purchase something else that’s more elegant with better materials and craftmanship.

  17. Nice decanter.

    Easy to setup and has a lot of items included. The glass is somewhat thick and heavy. Very giftable item and looks great.

  18. Very nice size and comes with lots of accessories

    This is a very beautiful sets and the quality of the glass was nice. The decanter was beautiful. We are can use it on a buffet in our dining room probably contain scotch. The only thing I really didn’t care for was the wood the set is sitting on. It would’ve been nicer with marble or more substantial wood. I would definitely get this is a gift, especially for birthdays or holidays

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  19. Very pretty

    Very beautiful and sleek! Great for decor or gift giving. Also great value for the price

  20. This is beautiful. Wooden base not stellar.

    I was happy to get this and find that it is just as amazing as it looked online. The decanter is solid and heavy. The glasses are very solid and not thin glass and are heavy in the hand. There are 4 ice balls, one for each glass, I did not freeze them, yet, but I shook them and heard liquid inside. There is a tiny funnel you place on the opening of the decanter to fill it, very helpful. It’s all just a really beautiful set. A really nice statement piece to sit out. The top is heavy and strong and sits well.I took one star off for this:The stand for is has three triangular pieces. The were loose and one had a little chip, which I don’t mind, but they need to be tightened and in the middle of the base where the decanter sits on these three triangular pieces, there is a screw hole to connect it to the base where the glasses sit. Make sense?The wood on the base is not stellar. It will totally work for the decanter, hopefully when it is screwed down tight, but it’s just not a great, solid wood.So…BEAUTIFUL decanter, good solid glassware, nice accessories, the base WILL hold it, it’s just not incredibly wonderful wood…but it still looks great. one star off of ‘craftmanship’ for the questionable base.( See photos)

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  21. Great Decanter kit

    I like this decanter, make sure it’s washed good, felt a little greasy straight out, but you were gona wash it anyway before use, even if it wasn’t. Feels like great quality, the wood itself is carved very nicely and is put together by only one screw between base and the arm extension that holds the bottle. I do wish the tray was maybe extended 1/2 or 1 inch on all sides to make moving it a not so scary affair of glasses falling over, but not a deal breaker. Comes in a very giftable and nice looking housing, bottle feels good while pouring, top is set though not sealed, very impressed overall, going to find a nice permanent place for it in my bar room, recommend.

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  22. Glasses could be heavier, but otherwise great

    This decanter and glass set is really interesting and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. It’s heavy-weight and the glasses, though not as heavy as I would expect a whiskey glass to be, are well-made and the display stand brings all of the pieces together to make a pretty nice accent piece for your bar or liquor cabinet.Now the only question is, what spirit do you put into this decanter to be used on those special occasions where only a diamond will do? And the answer is relatively simple – tequila. This decanter would be the perfect resting place for an amazing Anejo or Reposado – maybe some Don Julio 1942. One thing you could do is put Casamigos Reposado in there, and just TELL people that it’s Don Julio 1942. You get the idea.

  23. Absolutely stunning 🤩

    This is absolutely worth talking about in a fabulous way!! It’s so eye catching everything about this is outstanding the craftsmanship of the bottle is remarkable the steel ice cubes are amazing even comes with a mimi funnel to fill up the bottle 😍🤩❤️ This will make a tremendous wonderful gift to anyone I absolutely love it 😍

  24. Love it

    Perfect gift idea for your whiskey drinkers.Love the shape and quality of this item.Would definitely recommend.

  25. The absolute perfect gift.

    When I opened this up I was in absolute awe.This decanter set is beautiful beyond words if you are gifting this to someone they definitely will be in love with it. It’s easy to set up and totally breathtaking. Large enough to store a great amount of your favorite liquor. You can’t beat this for the price, use it as a wedding gift a birthday gift, or heck even a gift to yourself. Grab yours today

  26. Prefect Gift!

    Got this for my uncle, he loves it, came in a protective case, nice design set. Doesn’t take up to much space and easy to clean as well. Love the shape of the glasses

  27. Very stylish, but not well-made

    I selected this item through the Vine program as something cool to add to my wet bar.First off, I really like the container design! It pleases my inner geek and reminds me of a Greek amphora. It’s pretty thick glass as well and feels good in the hand. The casting lines are pretty clear, but to be expected.The biggest issue is the container stand, which is obviously required to use it. The stand has three angled shelves to nest the container in and I had to re-drill and chamfer one of the holes on the base to get it to seat correctly. Fairly annoying. Also, the wood is very light and feels cheap. It does not inspire confidence.The photo I included shows the container filled with exactly 24 ounces. The description says it will hold 800ml, which is about 27 ounces. I suppose it will fit that much if you fill it to the brim.Bottom line is this is definitely an eye-catching display, but the build quality is mediocre at best. I actually went ahead and drilled three additional screws to the base for good measure. It feels a lot better and I don’t even bother using the larger base for glasses that just gets in the way.For more info on the Amazon Vine program, check the official page https://www.amazon.com/vine/about

  28. 10/10!!!

    The media could not be loaded.

     Great addition to my bar area. Great for when you have guests and if you like to entertain.

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