Avant-Garde Crystal Decanter Set

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Lighten Life 5 Piece Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set, Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set with 4 Glass in Gift Box, Bourbon Glass Decanter Set with Glass Stopper, Whiskey Decanter Sets for Men, Christmas, Birthday: Liquor Decanters

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Ultra Clarity

The whiskey decanter set is made from high quality Lead-Free crystal glass. With the world’s most lustrous crystal, Glassware will keep your drink safe and ensures whiskey maintains its temperature.

High Quality Lead-Free Crystal Thick Glass

It is made from high quality lead-free crystal, The glass are traditional style crafted with the durable thick walled design and heavy weighted base, the solid design is virtually unbreakable, durable and stable. They’re dishwasher safe and also meet hotel and service industry quality standards.

Elegant Glassware

Add some elegance to you home bar. Beautiful and elegant looking whisky decanter set, Whether you are drinking whiskey, scotch, vodka, bourbon And other liquor, Enjoy it in the finest of drinking accessories.
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Premium Quality Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

The tumblers have ample capacity to perfectly savor multiple shots of your best whisky, scotch or bourbon. Wide, crafted opening puts the nose at the optimum angle to capture the subtle flavors and aroma whiskey. The result is a breathtaking, aesthetic & sensory experience. Add an ice cube & enjoy at the perfect temperature – large width accommodates whiskey stones, whiskey rocks or balls.

Enjoy Your Relaxing Monent

Compliment your bar with classic diamond and wedge cuts whiskey glass set. solid and chubby design, The thick base feel substantial in your hand, it brings you classical italian design with a contemporary spin.

The Perfect Gift for Any Whiskey Lover

This sparkling crystal glasses set comes in Luxury gift box, well packaged, fitted with protective sponge cushion, the perfect gifts for Men or Women on Birthdays, Mothers or Fathers Day, Engagement, Wedding Anniversary, Christening or Christmas. Whether you’re buying this for yourself or presenting it as a gift, you simply can’t go past this stunning high quality whiskey decanter set.

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Classic Design, Ice Cube Collection Design, Twisted Design

Comments (10)

  1. Absolutely LOVE this set! It’s beautiful. A must have for any home bar. I was surprised it was of this quality. Its really heavy. The glass is so thick. I wasn’t expecting to be at all. It make a great gift.

  2. We brought it as a gift. He told us he like it.We might order one for us as well. It looks very nice and the quality is great.

  3. I absolutely love this. The packaging for the set was very distinguished and classy. Its for my Husband to sip like the gentleman he is. I will be ordering a tray as well because the design of the glasses are beautiful.

  4. I bought this for my husband for this past Christmas. He is a bourbon/whiskey connoisseur and has yet to buy a decanter. He was caught off guard by the git. The packaging and presentation is absolutely beautiful. He has yet to use it because we’ve been busy and are about to go out of town, but when we get back I’m sure he’ll have his guys over for a tasting party soon to show this off!

  5. I love my set!Its easy to clean, super sturdy, and a beautiful piece for decoration.The packaging was lovely! It was beautifully displayed and very safe. I actually kept it so I can take my set with me!

  6. My husband was so happy with the style and quality of the decanter and glasses. Packaging was very fancy. Great 40th birthday gift.

  7. I really love the design of this decanter and matching glasses. They look impressive with their twisted shape while retaining an overall classical design.The decanter has a nice solid weight to it, and like the glasses has nice thick glass that makes it more durable for handling and cleaning.It comes with brand stickers on each item but they did not tear or leave glue when removed, well appreciated.The glasses are a great fit in my hand and easy to grasp with the twisted edges.The box it came in is very well padded with multiple layers of high density foam that is cut specifically for these items.This is my first decanter so I am still deciding which whisky to fill it with first. Such difficult decisions…Overall I really like this set and would recommend it to anyone interested in a decanter set. Solid choice for anyone and great value.

  8. I bought this as a gift and I would certainly say that I was pleasantly surprised in the packaging that it arrived in. It was double boxed so I can’t think it would easily break in shipping, but the product packaging itself was lovely and had individual cushioned compartments for each class, decanter, and the lid.All of the pieces were quite heavy and quality seems good!

  9. I recently setup a small bar unit in my home and purchased several Paksh 7 piece glass/decanter sets. This item made the perfect final touches to my bar. The glasses and decanters are ideally designed and well crafted.The glasses are reasonably weighted and designedly cut to allow a firm hold without slipping when the glass collects moisture from iced beverages.The decanter has a similar design and is well weighed for a firm hold while providing an elegant presentation of the contents inside.

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